Important Announcement Regarding IDBF World Championships

Important Announcement Regarding IDBF World Championships

An important announcement regarding the 2021 IDBF World Championships in Hong Kong (long, but please read):
On April 10th, 2021, the

International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)

hosted a call to update the nations on the status of the World Championships scheduled to be held in Hong Kong during the first week of November 2021. The USDBF was present, along with approximately 28 other countries. These meeting notes listed below will also be posted on our website.

The IDBF issued a “Guide to a safe and successful 15th World Dragon Boat Racing Championship” ahead of the call, which reflected the current COVID situation and many of the issues discussed on the call.
IDBF President Mike Thomas opened the call with a statement that the goal was to safely hold Worlds in Hong Kong as scheduled. The IDBF plans to make a final go-no go decision by July 31, 2021.
The Hong Kong Organizing Committee delivered a presentation that outlined current travel restrictions for international travelers arriving in Hong Kong. The Committee is optimistic that
travel restrictions will start to be eased in May and that athletes will be able to freely travel to Hong Kong by November.
Every aspect of Worlds is being reviewed against the safety protocol. The following are potential changes that are being considered:
– The medals/awards ceremony will most likely be limited to a small number of athletes from each team accepting the medals on the podium.
– Marshaling will be reorganized to allow for social distancing.
– The athlete’s villages will be staged to allow for social distancing.
– Masks will be required on site.
– The racing schedule would be arranged to limit the number of teams/nations on site at any given time.
– The number of paddlers in the boats may be reduced to ensure safety.
– The number of Race Officials on site may be reduced.
– All participants (athletes & team personnel) will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID test. Proof of vaccination would not be accepted in lieu of a negative COVID test.
– There is a potential that racing classes may be limited. Based on provisional entries/registrations, racing classes that do not reflect sufficient participation may be eliminated. No additional details are available on this yet.
There was a particular concern regarding youth teams due to potential liability issues related to traveling with youth, as well as number of supporters that typically accompany youth teams.
It was stated that the IDBF would not require any deposits or payments prior to the final decision date of July 31, 2021. The deposit requirements and whether those deposits may be refundable for hotels and local transportation providers is still being negotiated. It is unclear when these deposits may be due.
Bulletin #1 is expected within the next 30 days.
The IDBF expects to hold another update call prior to the July 31 decision date.
The USDBF will continue to keep you, our members, up-to-date on all IDBF Worlds updates over the coming months as we receive the information. We all hope to race in Hong Kong, and want everyone to be safe.
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