Our Mission

The primary purpose of The Southeastern Regional Dragon Boat Association (SRDBA) is to promote the sport of dragon boating, by providing a community that fosters education, training, and promotion of competition at regional, national, and international levels.

Dragon Boat enthusiasts in the Southeastern Region will benefit from the promotion of the sport by the organization. All Individual, Club, Festival, and Corporate entities who join SRDBA will receive the additional benefits of membership, including timely race information, special member discounts, and eligibility to purchase insurance coverage for their club or event through the USDBF.

The SRDBA is unique among all other regional affiliates of the USDBF. We are the only region in the United States that seeks to build a base of Individual Members. We have been charged by USDBF to develop a Membership program based on Individual membership and believe it will be an effective means to facilitate growth of Dragon Boat Racing in the Southeastern Region. Think about it: A team of 22 starts with one or two people who want to paddle, and begin to organize a team. Engaging and connecting individuals with clubs or other individuals will support the growth of existing clubs, and support the development of clubs in cities where there are interested paddlers, but no clubs exist.



Check out our Regional Map .  If you would like to add your club, email [email protected] .