Club Members

Club Members

“Club” member is defined as a single organization, crew, team or club organized for the purpose of promoting dragon boating as a recreation and/or as a sport. Clubs shall have an organizational structure, including members and/or a board of directors. Clubs can consist of one or more teams/crews.

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2022 Club Members

Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club, Gainesville, GA

Boundary Waters Storm, Georgetown, SC,

Oriental Dragon Boat Club, Oriental, NC

Grandmasters Dragon Boat Club, The Villages, FL

Charleston Paddle Club, Charleston, SC 

Dragon Boat Beaufort, Beaufort, SC

Dragon Boat Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

The Kentucky Thorough-Breasts Dragon Boat Team, Highland Heights, KY

Heart and Soul Dragon Boat Club, Satellite Beach, FL

Team Survivor Tampa Bay, AKA The Pink Dragon Ladies  Tampa, FL

MiraBay Dragon Boat Club, Appollo Beach, FL

Dragon Boat Charleston, Charleston, SC

Charlotte Harbor Dragons, Punta Gorda, FL

Nathan Benderson Park Paddling Program, Sarasota, FL

Tampa Bay Dragon Boat Club, Tampa, FL

Healing Dragons of Lake James, Morganton, NC

Heat, The Villages, FL

Charlotte Harbor Paddlers, Punta Gorda, FL

Dragon Boat at the Beach, Pawleys Island, SC

For participation in Team USA you must be a member of both SRDBA and USDBF. Additionally, for Club Crew events (CCNC, CCWC, PACCC) you must also be a member of a club that is a member in good standing of the SRDBA.  However, athletes at all levels of competition are encouraged to support our local region, through participation in a dragon boat club, or through individual membership.

Current membership is effective through the end of 2021 for the SRDBA & USDBF.  Those for whom membership is required (for CCNC, CCWC, PACCC) you should be sure to register no later than March 1 for the USDBF to ensure timely production and mailing of your USDBF membership card, and register no later than March 31 for the SRDBA.  Unlike the USDBF, the SRDBA does not send out membership cards.

The USDBF membership fee is $55 the first year, and $35 per consecutive year after the first year.  Note that lapsed registrations will again incur the $55 upon renewal from the lapse.  Membership fees are non-refundable.  And as you are already aware, membership for the SRDBA is $15.  Please make sure you have your correct team listed with the USDBF and SRDBA by the due dates.

All SRDBA Memberships are due for each calendar year, and not by the payment date.  Payment by check are possible for clubs, please email [email protected] for more information.