Club Members

Club Members

“Club” member is defined as a single organization, crew, team or club organized for the purpose of promoting dragon boating as a recreation and/or as a sport. Clubs shall have an organizational structure, including members and/or a board of directors. Clubs can consist of one or more teams/crews.

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2020 Club Members

Florida Tarpons Tampa FL

Dragon Boat Atlanta Atlanta, GA

Charlotte Harbor Dragons  Port Charolette FL.

Charelston Paddle Club, Charleston, SC

Team Survivor Tampa Bay,  AKA The Pink Dragon Ladies.  Tampa FL.

DragonBoat Beaufort.  Beaufort, SC.

MiraBay Dragon Boat Club.   Appollo Beach FL.

Oriental Dragon Boat Club.  Oriental, NC.

Dragon Boat Charleston.    Charleston, SC. www,

Survivors In Sync, Inc.    Bradenton, FL

Grand Masters Dragon Boat Club of The Villages, Inc.  The Villages, FL

Tampa Blade Runners. Tampa FL,