The USDBF Competition and Technical Committee is accepting petitions for all available berths
(see chart below) for the 2022 Club Crew World Championships July 18 – 24, 2022 in Sarasota

Clubs petitioning for berths must submit a resume detailing your club’s racing history. In
addition, you will need to provide the competition committee with a copy of your Club membership
roster showing name and address information, including the city and state and the date each member
joined the club and paid dues. You will also need to provide the physical address of your club’s
practice site. Additional documentation may be required as part of the crew verification process.
If you wish to be considered for a berth your response must be received no later than Monday,
January 10, 2022.

Additionally, your club must be a member in good standing of your USDBF Regional dragon boat
organization. Your crew members and coaches must also become members of the USDBF by paying the
annual membership fee. (More information on how to become a USDBF member can be found by going to

We will need the above requested information submitted before Monday evening, January 10,2022.
Please email the above requested information to [email protected]

The CTC Committee will advise you as soon as your documents have been reviewed so that you can
finalize your plans for attendance at CCWC in Sarasota. Crews who are awarded berths must pay the
CCNC registration fee as well as a $500 petition fee. Once the crew has been confirmed the crew the
$500 fee will be due to the USDBF Treasurer within 2 weeks of accepting the berth. The balance of
the fee due must be paid no later than February 28, 2022
CCNC Registration Fees ParaDragons
Standard Boat: $2075 Standard Boat: $1150
Small Boat: $1725 Small Boat: $975

All Clubs petitioning for berths berths to Club Crew World Championships must acknowledge your
understanding of the following rules, and provide to the USDBF Competition and Technical Committee
the following information: (deadline to submit petition and documents
January 10,2022)

All Club Members must be a “bon fide Club Member”. Each of your paddlers can only represent
your club. One club is permitted to compete with only one crew in a competition class.
100% of a BCP Crew is required to be breast cancer survivor, including paddlers, drummer, and

Below is the IDBF Competition Regulation regarding Club Crews which defines a bon fide Club Member:
CR 4.3 Club Crews. In IDBF Championships for Club Crews a Racer can only represent one Dragon Boat
Crew. See Bye Law 12.3 for the definition of a Dragon Boat Club Crew.

The rules for National Crew Representation need not apply but all competitors must have been bona
fide members of the Dragon Boat Crew that they represent, for at least SIX (6) months (Nov 06)
before the Club Crew Championships in question.

CR 4.3.1. A bona fide Club Member is one that has regularly trained and/or competed for the Club
Crew that they represent during the minimum period of six months shown in 4.3. A bona fide Club
Member will normally be resident in the Country in which the Club Crew is located.
A Club Member who trains and competes with a Club Crew from a different Country or Territory or a
geographical Region within a Country to the one in which the Club Member himself (or herself) is
normally domiciled, will only be considered as a bona fide Club Member if they can prove that they
have physically attended their Club to train or compete for a period or of at least twelve (12)
weeks, over a minimum period of two (2) racing seasons. (Nov 06)


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