PACC Update

PACC Update

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PACCC 2021 Championships Postponed until March 2022 & 2 New Members Dear Pan American Dragon Boat Clubs, paddlers, coaches, and race officials, The Pan American Dragon Boat Federation Executives have met and deliberated on the fate of PACCC 2021 – the health and safety of paddlers, participants, and race officials being of primary importance. We have decided to postpone the Pan American Club Crew Championships 2021, scheduled to take place March 17th to 21st, 2021, for one year. PACCC 2021, now PACCC 2022, COVID-19 permitting, will now take place March 16th to 20th,2022, in Panama City, Panama. We are pleased to announce two new IDBF Pan American country members:

Asociación Argentina de Bote de Dragón, Argentina, and Confederação Brasileira de Canoagem, Brazil.

These two new members have signaled their intent to participate in PACCC 2022 including their BCS teams. This postponement will give them more time to prepare. Entries from Argentina and Brazil will make our PACCC 2022 even bigger and more competitive. We wish that you and your family will remain safe. We look forward to the end of this pandemic, when we can all get back to the water and paddle. Be careful and please follow all health protocols.

The PADBF is the Governing Body for Dragon Boat Sport for the Western Hemisphere throughout the Americas region. It is part of the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF). For more information, contact Franco Siu Chong, PADBF President ([email protected])
 or Raúl Fernández-Calienes, PADBF Secretary ([email protected]).

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